Value of Graphics in Video Games

While smashing down buttons on your controller, have you ever questioned exactly what it would be like to play the very video game that you are having fun with entirely various graphics? Possibly it would certainly alter the state of mind. Possibly it would certainly make it better to play. Probably you wouldn’t even play it to begin with.

Think of chess. One of my friends has Simpsons themed chess items. It makes the video game a lot more informal, as well as you can not actually be uber-competitive as well as major when you are focused on maintaining Homer to life. Yet the video game’s guidelines don’t transform. It’s the same specific game. The items are moot.


So why do we respect graphics? I think it’s exactly how we choose what video games we want to play. If I am scrolling via thumbnails on a Flash portal, I’m going to intend to play the game that looks the coolest. Or, if I’m seeking chess items and also I’m a significant gamer, I certainly wouldn’t obtain Simpsons pieces.

Allow’s claim you have two video games; one video game will certainly have childish, noob-looking graphics as well as the other will certainly have clean, stylish Illustrator graphics. If you were playing the childish video game, you ‘d most likely be playing the game thinking of how the graphics are strange. That could get in the way of points.


In conclusion, I assume graphics are a necessity due to the fact that other video games have them. Having cool-looking art is just another way to finesse your rivals. Essentially, I assume it’s all family member; in this fact that we make video games in, we need to have graphics so individuals take us seriously (generally.) Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some identical cosmos where games where simply circles and also squares and also different colors to allow you recognize exactly what you’re doing?

Perhaps that wouldn’t be awesome. (Note: so you recognize, I’m a graphic musician, not a designer. If graphics weren’t vital, I would be also less important. I have actually aimed to end up being a designer simply since I feel like graphics typically aren’t as crucial as programs. I really hope that one day I’ll be able to program … yet I’m not even close to that factor now.).

Anyhow, sufficient of my ranting. My points are most likely silly. I misbehave at this kind of thing. So I would like to know just what you guys assume. Why do we care a lot regarding graphics of video games? Suppose there just weren’t graphics in video games?