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5 Tips to Increase IQ and EQ

I just recently discovered there’s a secret society for those who have high IQs. It is Named Mensa–Deadly The Nerd Herd. It is not a mystery, but I believe anything nobody has told me around at the 39 years I have been around earth for a conspiracy. So it is a secret so far as I am concerned.

To get in, you’ve got to have a test and score at the top 2% of IQs from the world, aliens comprised. (I am assuming these people today understand about the aliens and are not telling us) Following that, your own nerdship is recorded. You don’t need to wonder.

That’s the strangest thing I could envision imagining, was that the first idea which came to me once I heard about this. I would like in, was that the instant.


I set a goal to enter Mensa within 90 days, and that I posted this highly suspicious aspiration on Facebook so that I could put in “suffer public embarrassment” to my list of motivators for making it happen. Then I moved to work on fostering my nerdability. I was not even certain if this was possible because some scientists state IQ is hereditary, but I have never listened to science previously.

The words “You are average” began flashing on the display as my initial desire to crush a $700 phone on the floor came.

I then did a few things (that I will let you know in another) and began scoring in a genius level. I will be carrying the official evaluation after this month and will shortly have the ability to set an end to all possible disagreements with my wife simply by pulling my Mensa card. I can not wait.

This is why I am telling you…

There is this unspoken but subtly indicated belief in the private development world that intellect does not really matter. We delight in hearing the story about the way Henry Ford was so dumb he needed to call people to his office to answer questions because of him. I know I was able to before I turned into a genius [fit my smirking emoji confront here].

It is your ability to control and control life with your head. It is the nearest thing to a superhero electricity you are likely to get on the planet.

It is in fact among the greatest predictors of achievement–I call it the Nerd Impact. Read about Terman’s Study–they monitored genius-IQ level children for their whole lives. They ended up wealthier, healthier, taller, stronger and much more capable to dunk a basketball compared to children with lower IQs. I left the basketball up thing, but the remainder arisrue.

The really interesting thing about Terman’s Research is that perhaps not all of the high-IQ children were effective. Some turned out ordinary and had higher rates of divorce and alcoholism. The gap was that the successful children had cultivated appetite, prudence, willpower, goal-orientation, self-confidence and perseverance–all of the things you are probably doing at this time.

So it is a fact that intellect alone will not get you the success you are after. But will your normal self explanatory strategies, unless followed by a reasonably large amount of intellect (the higher the better). So why don’t you include, “boost my IQ” to a list of aims?

When I had to guess, intellect accounts for approximately 50% of your achievement, and the rest of the ordinary self explanatory stuff–optimistic thinking, goal-setting, time management, personality development, etc.–has another 50 percent. And my rationale for this is simple. Intelligence is the capacity to think in a high degree. Consider your favourite billionaire; I promise you they’re thinking in an extremely large degree.

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